A Poem About Lust

One glance across the lecture theatre was all it took,

For him to notice her;

But she noticed him too.


They start walking home,

Their conversations are fun.

Are you 19 too?

No, I’m 21.


He doesn’t smile much,

But he smiles at me;

There’s something hidden in his nature

That I can see.


Beneath the serious face

And his ice-cold stare,

There’s actually someone

With the potential to care.


He thinks he can read me

Through and through,

And I just let him assume

Without a clue.


We cuddle in bed,

He says my tummy is cute,

How could anyone think

That this man is a brute?


I know that he loves me,

Because he keeps saying ‘I care’.

But avoids me when I’m crying,

Is that really fair?


I met his mother, with the clear footnote,

We’re not a couple;

He says everything should stay private,

It’s not worth the trouble.


He opens up to me

Sometimes four times a day.

And I crave his love,

So I’ll always play.


My satisfaction’s never physical,

So after, I chat;

I tell him how I see the world,

Then I ask him back.


He says he hates talking,

That he doesn’t see the point;

But he’ll stick a film on if I wanna smoke a joint.


I think it’s love,

And I laugh at those around me;

Their advice that I leave him

Is fuelled by jealousy.


We go back to his house,

But no one else is there;

He calls the boys for a party,

And so we prepare.


The party got messy

And I wanted to sleep,

I leave the garden

Because his friend is a creep.


I can’t find him,

He’s with his boys I suppose.

They went upstairs

To powder their nose.


Everyone is nice

But they are ultimately strangers.

But maybe their presence

Prevented the danger.


It’s time for bed now

We two were alone,

In the middle of nowhere,

His country home.


I’m upset,

I was ignored all night;

But at this point in time

I’m too tired to fight.


He kisses and tickles me,

Tells me to relax.

No I’m pissed off,

I’m just stating the facts.


It takes me a while,

But I can’t stay mad.

Maybe just one quick kiss

He’s not all that bad.


But just one quick kiss,

Is more than enough

To entice his appetite

And his grip becomes tough.


I said I don’t want to,

I’ve got to stay strong;

He tells me quite briskly

That it won’t take long.


It begins and he’s heavy,

So he flings me on top;

Several times now

I’ve begged him to stop.


I gawp in horror

As his eyes roll back,

But the fight for defence

Has been lost by attack.


He’s off his face,

So won’t remember tomorrow,

But how could I forget ever

Feeling this hollow.


He rocks me quicker to the point

That I can now stop;

As he fills me with liquid

I feel a tear drop.


I collapse on the bed,

And he begins to snore.

Dazed and confused

I stare at the door.


There’s no where to go,

It’s pitch black outside;

And London from here

Is a five-hour ride.


Oblivious at breakfast

He tells me to smile,

I wonder how I never saw

That this man is vile.


How could he forget?

I don’t know what to say,

I squeeze my eyes shut,

But this forever replays.


He hugs me and tells me

That I am a gem,

That I make him so happy

And I’m more than a friend.


I’ll do anything to forget it

I just want your love,

Hold me and tell me

That I am the one.


He can’t do that

But says I’m his best,

He says forgiving each other

Is the ultimate test.


Several months later

I’m still by his side.

He said that he’d change,

And in some ways he lied.


Because of course nothing changed,

And he was the same;

This one time he even called me

His ex-girlfriend’s name.


I cannot accept that

This is the peak of our love.

My life has been wasted,

And I’m giving up.


I care about nothing,

My body is numb;

I howl in bed

For only nothing seems fun.


He says we’re unique

And I often give in,

But you only feel this low

When you’re exposed to sin.


I claw at my skin,

But it brings me no pain

How have I let this happen

Again and again?


It takes me a while,

But I have become un-blind;

I tell him to jog on

Because I’m losing my mind.


Being alone

Doesn’t help much at all;

I know no one would catch me,

If I were to fall.


But I fell already

To the lowest of my low;

When I found out that my lover

Was in fact just a foe.


I scream and I’m livid,

I didn’t think I was the type,

Who’d let a man rape her and still remain kind.


1 thought on “A Poem About Lust”

  1. Ahhhh this poem is really really a great depiction of how unobvious and hidden a woman can be maltreated and emotionally and physically abused. And I am so happy you have put this on a website to make the situation made aware. Women are vulnerable and sensitive especially when it comes to opening up your love to another person. I know that this has happened to me and likely many other women. When a women says no to sex… it should really mean no. Sex is a two way action which fundamentally requires two desiring parties. So thank you for writing this!

    Well written and love the style too.

    Liked by 1 person

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